Naruto Says His Goodbyes and Prepares to Go Away to Konoha to Start His Teaching

    The time has finally come! Now that Jiraiya's returned, Naruto says his goodbyes and prepares to go away to Konoha to start his education.
    Gaara, now in Shukaku form, stands just before Seimei, who's seeing Gaara like this for that initial time. The other people arrive on the scene as Naruto tries hobbling in the direction of the battle. Just before he can get far, Sakura insists that she treats his injuries.
    Begin episode.
    As Naruto's wounds are healed, Neji, by means of utilizing Byakugan, notices that there's an extremely powerful chakra between Gaara and Seimei. The chakra absorbing armor reminds Lee of his battle with Suikon; these techniques ought to not be underestimated. Although Seimei wasn't originally organizing to battle Shukaku, it'll be a great approach to present off the power of Takumi Village. To get a second, Gaara as soon as once more flashes again to his bout with Naruto long in the past and understanding why Naruto went to date for his close friends. All of a sudden, Shukaku regresses and Gaara returns to typical, which is really a sign that he's trying to manage the beast with his own willpower. He declares that he'll defend his friends with his personal power. Seimei makes use of the 3 headed dragon sword, and also though Gaara can barely hold his own, he has an ace up his sleeve. He uses Ryuusa Bakuryu (Quicksand Avalanche), but absolutely nothing occurs. In spite of this, as he declares, he's Sabaku no Gaara and creating sand by breaking stones and turning minerals into sand is organic to him. The mountainous area behind the two begins to slowly crumble and soon sand pours out like a wonderful flood, overtaking every thing in sight.
    All of a sudden, "Kujaku Senpuu Sen!" Seimei yells as he emerges from the sand.
    He begins to soak up Gaara's chakra, but no one interferes for the reason that Gaara is no weakling. He raises his hand and uses Saikou Zettai Hougeki, Shukaku no Houkou (Final Absolute Assault: Shukaku's Spear)! He throws the mighty spear and it goes straight via Seimei's armor. Although Seimei cannot understand it, Gaara explains that someone like Seimei, who only sees men and women as weapons, wouldn't able to anyway. Seimei retreats towards the sand, but Gaara uses Sabaku Taisou (Desert Imperial Funeral). Enormous shockwaves ripple during the sand and with that, Seimei's lifestyle comes to an abrupt halt and all that emerges through the sand are tiny fragments. Gaara then collapses from chakra exhaustion.
    Kankuro thinks again to when Gaara advised him that he'd get the job done hard to be acknowledged, just as Naruto had performed. Kankuro compliments Naruto on finally getting a person who truly understands what he's going by way of, but Naruto does not hear it.
    Atop a cliff, Kakashi and Jiraiya arrive only a bit also late.
    Back in Konoha later on, Naruto opens his eyes and discovers that Jiraiya is subsequent to him. Although Naruto's a little peeved that he and Jiraiya nonetheless haven't, following all this time, gone off to train, but Jiraiya has his motives: he has figured out the motive behind the actions of Akatsuki. He plans to assist Naruto polish up his abilities before time is up and they make their move.
    Someday later, the Suna siblings and Shikamaru give every other their thanks, but Naruto is nowhere to become discovered since he'll be leaving soon. However, Matsuri asks Shikamaru to inform Naruto that since of him, she understands what Gaara had been attempting to inform her.
    Naruto, having packed all of his things, leaves his property, but takes 1 last take a look at the photo of Team 7.when they had been all collectively.
    At the Hokage Tower, Tsunade informs Shikamaru that she's heard concerning the mission. She won't give him an ideal grade, and she knows that Shikamaru still features a long approach to go, so she guarantees that she'll be assigning him even extra missions.which is not exactly an excellent issue to him.
    Just as she did long in the past when she first grew to become Tsunade's apprentice, Sakura is training her health care ninjutsu by healing a fish. Ino arrives and she admits that given that the last mission, she's been quite useless and is not as much of a necessity to the staff as Sakura is. That is why she's made up her mind to be a health care ninja too and she asks Sakura to ask Tsunade for her. Positive, Sakura will do it, but she declares that Ino, for your time becoming, will likely be her small sister and Sakura will play the healthcare ninja senpai (elder). The two get into their classic trade of insults.
    Elsewhere at a dojo, Tenten, within the midst of throwing wild punches and kicks to Lee, demands to understand why she was the only 1 left from the mission. Although Lee reminds Tenten that she was already out on the mission with Kotarou's team, this doesn't calm Tenten down. From a secure distance, Chouji, Shino, and Kiba observe the combat erupt and speak of Naruto's leaving the village and that it'll be reasonably peaceful in Konoha as an outcome. Lee reminds them that they should not be down and should train even more difficult than Naruto, but as a result of diverting his focus from Tenten, she takes this chance to come in and provide a fierce kick for the deal with.
    At the Hyuuga mansion, Neji and Hinata's sparring match involves halt when Neji reminds Hinata that it is about time for Naruto to be heading off. At Ichiraku Ramen, Naruto and Iruka have 1 final meal with each other before he and Jiraiya head off. Taking a final look towards the Hokage monument atop the mountain, Naruto raises and clenches his fist and declares that he'll turn out to be even more powerful. From a distance, Hinata also declares that she'll turn into stronger to keep up with her Naruto-kun. Naruto and Jiraiya depart by way of Konoha's gates as Component I of Naruto comes to a shut.

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Naruto Says His Goodbyes and Prepares to Go Away to Konoha to Start His Teaching

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